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Welcome to the

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From the Founder of India’s Astronomy
Reformation and Revolution

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Night Sky & Us

The ancients, for the past few thousand years, thrived by looking up at the dark night sky and nurtured us to where we are today. Our poets derived inspiration looking up at the starry skies and composed verses which motivated us. The tillers cultivated under the guidance of seasons and stars, as did sea navigators and desert voyagers discover new landmasses and routes following the heavenly signposts. However, in only especially a decade or two today, our primitive heritage and instinct has literally been obliterated. These times, one knows only to look down – at gadgets, photograph themselves, or revel in artificial urban lights.

Our world would simply be a beautiful place if everyone, millions of youngsters & adults, started looking up at the chaste, pristine night sky and got lost in the contemplation of the stars and cosmos, in a personal sense and not always scientific – and instead proceeded towards Infinity. Our peoples will be more profound, and so will be humanity. It’s time that we now start rekindling our archaic pondering of the heavens. We might have entered the space age, but we’re really nowhere there yet.

Experience The Universe At  'Astronomy Journeys

Experience The Universe At  'Astronomy Journeys'

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