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"Astronomy Journeys", in essence, being a reformer and revolutionizer, beyond being passionate about it, is here to accomplish one fundamental goal, that is, of arising astronomy to the level of perfection beyond what is to-date considered to be ideal astronomy, even by long-time international specialists of this field. This is our ranking!

If ever an ascent to the peak or culmination in astronomy awareness – in form of AstroTourism as one of the primary mediums – at the global, holistic, level is to happen, if ever astrotourism is to become a common man's word, if ever astrotourism is to be recognized to its inner depths that astronomy itself knows, it is primarily through "Astronomy Journeys" that the future of this niche domain will be carved and shaped; us, as the trend-setter, as the game-changer, of this most unique area of life.

While the mid-waters of astrotourism have been sailed on to by others, i.e. individuals, bodies, companies, etc., as of this time, for us the beginning of the voyage is embarked only from where they have reached – our sheer depth and volume of experience grants us to see the horizons beyond the first visible one, beyond the apparent end to the journey called Astronomy. We function our astronomy not through merely knowledge, the factor deemed important for all endeavours, but by creativity – at times, creativity can surmount knowledge.

Really, with our kind of superlative vision for astronomy, not all of our expansive pointers can be put in words – you can witness all of them only through your continued journey with us. However, here are majority of our Mission-Vision objectives listed, our aims, aspirations, goals, for you and the rest of the world, non-astronomical and astronomical.


Amar A. M. Sharma


Your astronomy host, guide, friend, sports the most colourful biography for the Indian soil, on a landmass in a population of 1.25 billion. His story is absolutely not a regular one about an individual’s love for the stars. Amar has, truly speaking, devoted his whole life – in the literal meaning and measure of it – towards the night sky and astronomy, without choosing to become a professional astrophysicist. This biographical story will totally stand by and exemplify the words "born for amateur astronomy". Not ever influenced by any technological changes or external societal affairs, he showed traits of high material dispassion from an early age, and has remained a recluse absorbing himself any given moment – in the literal meaning and measure of it – towards the grand field of astronomy, as an 'amateur'.

In India, on the amateur astronomy turf, Amar Sharma (was) is not merely a name and identity, but a force to reckon with. A "passionate" amateur astronomer to brand the least, but a rebel, revolutionary and a reformer is this force. A being who declares, “I did not choose astronomy, it chose me”...“Astronomy does not arise to me from the outside, it evokes from the inside”...“I do not plan my astronomy for the day or for ahead, it plans for me”, and the like.

An individual who treats the scientific subject of astronomy as an artistic act of life and relies on his inner creativity, he plays a significant role in the Indian, and even in the foreign, astronomical circles in uplifting the class of astronomy beyond merely performing it passionately. He personifies the path of observation and experience versus the largely and widely accepted path of theory and knowledge.


Apart from serving as a pro-active guide to newcomers in astronomy, the multiple capacities of this inborn amateur astronomer are as: night sky aficionado, visual deep-sky observing buff, invigorated communicator, expressive writer, upcoming author, keen astronomy & comet historian, ardent comet hunter, dreamer of discovering celestial objects, astrosketcher, ccd-camera imager, dark sky conservator & fighter of light pollution, collector of night-sky related resources & databases, aspiring astronomy documentary & feature story-writer and film-maker, pioneer of international astronomy tourism, enthusiast of creating more amateur astronomers from students & public, visionary of getting amateur astronomy & night sky experience into every urban & rural household, school, university, company of India & world, and a never satiated global reformer and revolutionary of world astronomy.

One of the world's MOST active amateur astronomers, he is going to be along with you, guiding you, in your "Astronomy Journeys".

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