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Namibia Tours
For astro-newcomers
Families, Individuals, Couples & Students 
1 night under the NIGHT sky
About The Event

On May 7 / 8 / 9, we are headed to Dark Matters Observatory outside Thane city off Shahpur town in Maharashtra to experience a sophisticated privately owned astronomy observatory.

This is a night sky observing tour aimed especially for newcomers into astronomy, from families, individuals, couples and general enthusiasts of astronomy who want to learn the night sky from one of India's BEST night sky specialists with a flair for astronomical expression. The participant will get to lay down under the night sky and learn it by observing through 2 big computerized telescopes of advanced amateur observatory grade, a 14-inch reflector and 6-inch refractor, both on advanced mounts.

Here the participants will also get to hear on aspects of life in astronomy and insights of the vast, deep field called Amateur Astronomy, and how diverse the term 'amateur' holds in astronomy. At the end of a short 1/2 day & 1 night, you'll not anymore be new to the landscape of the night sky and its constellations as well as making sky observations, ready to step onto the next level of observational / practical astronomy.

During the evening we get to observe the truly beautiful views of the Lunar (Moon's) surface with its plethora of features like craters, maria, hills, mountains, ridges, etc. At dawn get to observe the planets in glory: exquisite Saturn with its rings, bright speck of Mars, splendid Venus with its phase, gorgeous Jupiter with its surface bands and 4 Galilean satellites (provided the horizon doesn't block their view). This is apart from the Deep Sky Objects (DSOs) like binary stars, star clusters, globular clusters, nebulae, and a couple galaxies.

What is more? We, co-incidentally, have the chance of seeing some nice meteors streak in the sky. May 6 & 7 is the peak of the yearly Eta Aquarids meteor shower – from the trail of dust & debris left behind by the famous Halley’s Comet – which produce up to 20 to 40 meteors per hour at their peak. Although we're only a couple days away (on 7, 8, 9) from the peak, you still have a good chance of spotting the 'zippers' in the night sky – provided you keep your gaze hooked upwards. Be prepared for constant exclamations whenever you see even one!

Join Astronomy Journeys to be part of an Indian advanced amateur observatory at a location outside of a major urban centre of Thane-Mumbai and learn the night sky like how literally no one in India can show it to you – it is NOT a mere hobby or sky-gazing for us, we are VERY well-versed in speaking the language of amateur astronomy for the last 20 years full-time.

Itinerary For May 7 / 8 / 9, 2022



16:00 hrs

Arrival at Observatory

16:30 hrs

Evening Snacks

17:00 hrs

Short tour of Observatory & Equipment

17:20 hrs

Short break

17:30 hrs

Talk on Amateur Astronomy

18:15 hrs

Stellarium software demo

19:00 hrs

Setting up for the night

20:00 hrs


21:00 hrs

Lights OFF - Overnight observing begins

06:00 hrs

Tea / Coffee break

07:00 hrs


08:00 hrs

Discussions + Q&A

09:00 hrs


  • 1 night stay

  • 1x snacks

  • 1x dinner

  • 1x breakfast

  • Astronomy activities

  • Basic astronomy kit

  • 2-way transport to Shahpur from your location *

  • Anything extra incurred not stated in inclusions

* Request for transport based on 
   requirement at additional cost

Group Size
  • Minimum 25

  • Maximum 50


25% payment – April 25, 2022

75% payment – April 25, 2022

100% payment – April 25, 2022

10% discount for kids aged 10 & below

INR 3900/- per head

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