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Astronomy Passion?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Passion, passion, passion!

Wow! Look at his/her/their passion. They are so passionate about it.

That's great! That's inspiring!

Passion, passion, passion!

That's all?? What's next??

Nothing attribute-able quite lays beyond the last measure: Passion.

Well, but, here, now, lays the attribute beyond passion: Reformation.

Passion is involving, after all.

Reformation is involvement beyond passionate involving.

Passion is following the action, after all.

Reformation is bringing the change beyond following changeless passion.

A passionate person's work is, inadvertently, for furthering their own passion.

A reformer's work, invariably, is for upliftment of the field.

A passionate person does not quite know the next step, reformation.

A reformer needs to pass through passion onto their next step, to what is ahead of passion.

A passionate person is, undoubtedly, very happy doing what they are doing; they only want more of it.

A reformer cannot, merely, find happiness even in things or acts of their passion; they want more of it in different ways.

Passion is old school. Anywhere & everywhere else is passion.
Reformation is new school. Astronomy Journeys is reformation.



You can find astronomy and its people, active astro clubs, knowledge of astronomy, passion in astronomy, astronomy programmes & tours, anywhere.

Where will you find the quintessential embodiment of universal astronomy in India??

It's not hard to become popular. It is by with consistent effort, determination & perseverance.

One cannot, by choice, arise as a dependable, memorable, amateur astronomy inspiration and night-sky guide in India for so wide spread a community of hundreds of students, members of public, also astrophysicists, and even foreign expert amateur astronomers. It is by the fountain of very inner unconditional nature.

Astronomy is all about theory, right? When or where have you come across astronomy having with no theory attached to it? Then there is quite lesser of other things to do in astronomy, is it not?

Your host barely knows bookish theory and has not read one complete book on astronomy, but is an encyclopaedia of observational and experiential astronomy, a vocabulary of the night-sky with no parallel on the Indian sub-continent, commanding authority on global scene of astronomy and its history, and is at-par in his flair for amateur astronomy with some of the world's cream astronomical individuals. His theory of astronomy is with lesser of theory itself but rather all about the theory of practical astronomy and multi-topic astronomy. It feels like so much astronomy – beyond the horizon of astronomy that is widely known and perceived.

"Do you know about blackholes? Do you know the life cycle of stars, or stellar evolution? Do you know about space technology? Do you know about recent developments in astrophysics?"

– Common astronomy parlance, your host does NOT speak with you such as these; to him, these really do not matter in your life.

(at the telescope) "What do you see in or around the spiral arms of the face-on galaxy? What is the structure of the dusty tail in the fuzzy comet? How difficult was it to spot that faint globular cluster of magnitude 10.5?"
– Unknown astronomy parlance, your host speaks with you ONLY such as these; to him, these really matter in your life.

You will have planned for a fascinating astronomy experience for yourself – linear in learning curve, only a few times again.

Now your host will plan your astronomy for you – exponential in learning curve, indelibly for the rest of your life.

You could begin, sustain, or end your astronomy anyhow, anywhere, anytime.

Ultimately, who you need is only Astronomy Journeys, a pillar for international amateur astronomy awakening.
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