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Astronomy Tourism – AstroTourism

© Wally Pacholka, USA (

The heavens! Its meteors, planets, comets, stars, clusters, galaxies, and our Milky-Way. Might be the subject matter only for astronomy books or for knowledge of a sect of humans called Professional Astronomers or Scientists?

Not anymore.

The pristine-most locations on planet Earth – fancy hundreds of kilometres from any human presence – sport the never-exhausting, insatiable, sights of the starry, studded, dark night skies overhead, unblemished, utmost free from any kind of human intervention or pollution imaginable. The deepest lap of Nature can be found in exotic locations like rural areas, forests, wildlife reserves, animal sanctuaries, hills, mountains, valleys, deserts, islands, inside seas and oceans. And that’s where the celestial glory lays, waiting to be witnessed by the humankind. Sadly, it only keeps waiting.

Ever looked up at the night sky after a day’s trek in the remotest environs? Ever been affected by the dots in the sky as much as the visible elements of Nature around? Ever stayed out of the tent under the chill of the night to gaze at the heavens? Ever systematically learnt locating the celestial objects using optical equipment?

How many expeditions have you accomplished? You might have rafted through gushing waters, walked through forests, climbed peaks, and what-not. You have trailed all that Mother Earth has to offer you. Have you ever, even for more than few moments, looked up at the sparkling stars in the black night sky and wondered about the Universe that is, was, and will be?? Have you actually gone one step ahead to realize all the Nature you feel breathless against, is still a micro, invisible, speck against the myriad of the behemoth stars out there in space? Ironically, the heavenly Nature is treated outside the realm of a terrestrial-Nature person’s logbooks.

Astronomical sights in the sky give you that one soulful opportunity to exhilarate at the grandiose of Mother Nature; celestial Nature above, which one is generally blind about, ahead of the terrestrial Nature all around. While one instinctively always knows to look at the Nature around, one does not quite know that the night sky sported above them renders some of the most ecstatic sights feasted to the human eye, sights of very faint stars, clusters, nebulae, remote galaxies, and our arching thick band of the Milky Way Galaxy. But how many of them can count themselves to have see it all dedicatedly??

Through our astronomy expeditions, you get not only the best of terrestrial Nature, we will primarily give you the best of celestial Nature – a window into the Universe, and your place in the Universe as the Universe shows it to you. If terrestrial Nature alone was so fulfilling, then how would your life be now?! This time with the celestia (heavens), and a lot more about them brought down to you, you sure could not have asked for anything more.

Remember, ours is not only a Nature-travel company – simply because we have no one to be compared to; we are the pioneers in what we have embarked on. We are an exclusive and first-of-its-kind AstroTourism company for the world's countries, too, and the very first one in India of the calibre you have not known could be. We first come from the perspective of what astronomy could be offered in that locale; we take you to experience the astronomy first, then the terrain around – there are hundreds others who give you only the exotic locale around, but no astronomy; only Earth, no sky; we give you Earth + sky. We give you the night sky like masters of the field. And, if there exists any outdoor activity, we surely give you that, too – and competitively good even at that. But we are here to give you the best of Natural-made astronomical wonders and man-made astronomical creations throughout the globe; you name the country or region, we want to take you there for the many types of astronomy you did not know that are under the wings of astronomy.

We have over 100 countries and island nations on list for the diversified astronomy you could get through us! Join us, the visionary of such a first astronomical expedition, for this never-dreamt-before opportunity to know the world – its astronomy – much better through us. If you always thought astronomy was a subject for the qualified, you will stand corrected that astronomy is more of an 'experience'…for you!

This is Amateur Astronomy. This is Astronomy Tourism. This is "Astronomy Journeys".

The road we take...

© Wally Pacholka, USA (

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