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Tourism, even Natural tourism, these past few years, has become about everything down here on Earth – that is, all things minus the night sky. Geography, terrestrial Nature, ecology, flora & fauna, wildlife, ornithology, hiking & trekking, outdoor camping, photography, etc. and all that intensely pursued in these times. This is on one hand.

On the other hand, the modern world, in these times, is advancing in staggering proportions towards the – well, you know all these – virtual, digital, technological, internet, gadgets, apps & software, robotics, artificial intelligence, physics & mathematics, and physical scientific avenues, including astrophysics, cosmology and theoretical astronomy – all external and, ultimately, short-lived in nature.

Both these sides are only fuelling external progress, and 'out-sight', as opposed to insight. Not until realized so, or necessitated by one to realize so.

Therefore, the functioning of life, even through tourism or Natural tourism, is about acts down here on Earth, solely. The concentration of focus, and resulting awareness, is magnified on acts only down here – no matter how great or 'significant' the acts may be – for you – nevertheless, then, they are acts limited to life on the plane of Earth; only the largeness of life here gets magnified, increasing at that, ignorant to any plane outside of that.

Then, what about the very plane of the sky, the night sky above, and all that beyond, inscrutably distant, truly unfathomably distant, than all that only perceptibly far distant around down here? And that field of astronomy, which, although external, the pursuit of which, ultimately, leads one to the inner nature of truth and reality?

AstroTourism, with us, is everything down here on Earth – all possible and conceivable forms of Natural and general tourism already pursued around every nook & corner – now, plus the night sky, and all that beyond, the realm of the visible Universe – the high-language-subject of institutes, here, brought to you in form of a personal experience or artistic, creative mode. What else, finally, can be left out, in the plane of human sightedness, near and far, around and above?!

We, Astronomy Journeys, will give you all that they all, every travel-tourism individual, agency, company in the world, anyway give you, but, now, as well as all that they unknowingly do not, and even knowingly cannot give to you: astronomy, astronomical travel-tourism, hands-on based astronomy, experience-based astronomy, perpetually-impacting-on-you astronomy. You will be 'performing' astronomy rather than learning it, getting well-versed with the inside picture and environment of it available only at advanced levels and not to an outside onlooker otherwise.

They all give you the Earth – you begin your each day with the Earth's belongings, and end your each night with the Earth's belongings itself. We give you Earth + Night Sky – you begin your each day with the Earth and the day-time sky above & beyond – under terrestrial Nature – and end your each night with the abyss of deep space – under celestial Nature – quite forgotten to oblivion by the present generations.

We want to make you aware of the perspective that has been amiss. That the wondrous Natural geographical regions you love to visit are most often placed with stupendous views of the silent, eerie, starry night sky, and the ocean of space flooded with heavenly bodies in that expanse of darkness. We, too, love traveling through Earth’s geography, not only for terrestrial Nature, not only for the green & brown Nature...but for the resplendent black celestial Nature, the night sky, and astronomy in general.

As the pioneer and first visionary of astronomical experiential tourism than, needless to think anyone from the Indian sub-continent, and perhaps, anyone else in the world to the magnitude or scale in our hands, we promise to give you an enriched, deeper, taste of astronomy than anyone else doing this today, already only in the handful – and make astronomy a part of the masses’ experience and education, and the life-long alive inspiration, in a significant, vivid, way than quite envisioned anywhere else, than anyone merely doing astronomy 'with love'.

Our vision and understanding of subtle astronomy stretches to superlative spans; your host is gifted with the superior vision. Make the start with us, and you'll want to continue your astronomical & Natural journey only with us, to make your life fulfilled and find the true direction, and spirit for the stars, forever.

This is our, Astronomy Journeys', promise to you.

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