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Mission & Vision

"Astronomy Journeys" is here to bring forth the following ideals to the living society, Indian and global:

• Raise the awareness that astronomy is not always only about or limited to astrophysics, space science, rocket technology, theoretical and mechanical aspects, topics in documentary films and feature films, etc., and that there is a far more personal and diversified gratifying sense to it

• Evolve AstroTourism to achieve a mainstream tourism domain and not a side / optional activity

• Evolve experiential astronomical learning – for both students as well as adults – to achieve a mainstream education domain and not a side / optional activity

• Facilitate the masses to witness some of the rarest, darkest, night skies on the planet, from both hemispheres, northern and southern

• Re-define remote travelling and living through specialized visits to even geographical spots and regions where only few others have tread or stepped feet on – to shelters and accommodations in "middle of nowhere"

• Access all basic to advanced astronomy resources and facilities across the globe, across the spectrum of astronomy, both amateur and professional, for non-astronomers or members of public

​• Facilitate the astronomical experience to achieve a mainstay in day-to-day lives of global citizens, even after their participation with us, beyond mere hobby-level

​• Nurture more students and adults to become very skilled "amateur" astronomers, irrespective of their academic or professional background, also irrespective of students wanting to become professional astronomers or not

​• Instate observational astronomy, the "art" of finding celestial objects, as one of the newest additions in the list of extra-curricular activities or skills of students, even adults, amiss today, amongst many of their other common prevailing arts, skills, hobbies, or acts

• Coalesce all other fields of sciences, arts, and other subjects towards astronomy, and involve these non-astronomical subjects or fields of study or life with astronomy; inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, inter-cultural astronomy

• Imbibe and achieve the astronomical experience as the way to peace and joy – outer as well as inner – than other methods can accomplish or are accomplishing

​• Support local communities in various regions of the world through our tours and visits, and grow sustainable tourism

​• Support ecological and flora & fauna preservation in various regions of the world through our tours and visits, and grow Nature conservation

​And, actually, even more...!

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