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Sway Like Us, Seek Like Us

(C) Wally Pacholka, USA (

Come to an astronomer’s darkness.

Travel to locations on the planet darker than dark. Lay under the carpet of the arching Milky Way. Sprawl under the dotted firmament. Shiver in the night’s chilly thrill. Share the space with nocturnal critters & prowlers. Brave the eerie sounds from the deep dark. Let the world sleep, you attain your apex. Try to count the innumerable grains (of stars) up there. Allow goose-bumps and shrieks of ecstasy witnessing such a virgin view of the 'lighted dark'. Beg at the heavenly beauty. Attempt to fathom our narration of the scale of cosmos. Contemplate about your own self before the universe. Tune in to the muteness of the night. Meditate now under the merging resonance of external and internal silence.

Don’t merely gaze heavenward, but discover with flair the path to 'observational astronomy': observing comets, star clusters, double stars, nebulae, galaxies, even groups of galaxies, and others. Such a wondrous sky is our – astronomers' – playground. We’re deeply moved by 'nyctophilia': excessive love for the darkness of night around, and especially the nocturnal skies above.

You must have tried every sport and activity in outdoors of Nature. You have not tried the universe "our" way. We are a celestial naturalist – we look upward, just upward, and only upward – and we will blossom you to a champion 'amateur astronomer'. Now on, with us, the stars and deep sky objects will not be mere unknown dots in the pathway of the sky but, henceforth, familiar outposts on your nightly journeys.

We are here not to merely show you the stars or astronomy, anyone else can do that. We’re here to guide you to the expanse that we’ve already discovered – outside us...and inside us!

We want to take you all to such magnificent desolation – not for the day for the ground, but for the night for the sky – and show you all the vehement, starry, night sky, and make you all witness cosmic silence and cosmic expanse – outside you...and inside you.

Astronomy Journeys is your final place, your final destination.

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