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The Starry Night Sky Beckons...

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Off to the Stars…

Every dream has, in itself, the will power to germinate, as much a seed naturally has the urge to plant up.

That’s the story with this dream. A dream of not only reaching out to the remote corners of Earth’s Natural diversity, for yourself, but even the remote corners of abyss of outer space from home turf here, for all of humanity. The world is bereft of that spirit towards a subtler unfurling, and every living being needs that now, especially in this externally advancing, burgeoning, age and time. After all, the Universe wants itself to be felt-about by the consciousness of humankind

Well, one’s unshakable urge for the stars can be so fiery that Nature would pave a way for even other humans to be set alight by that one’s blaze; after all, the inner flames are rewarded by the heavenly flaming stars themselves to those of us torch-bearers, a.k.a. visionary amateur astronomers like us. That is our story – and forever on the path ahead.

But for now, we have had a modest start. The immaculate journey of humanity towards the celestia is beginning…with us! Well, it has actually begun, in the western part of India, in the city of Thane, near Mumbai.

Just give some generous time to the seed – of our dream – to show its first signs of sprouting. And, below its shade, you will whiff the fragrance offered by our most-ideal and most-pure worship of amateur astronomy, now merged with travel and tourism...a passage where sky and Earth meet.

The name is "Astronomy Journeys", a true experiential astronomy tourism and education company by an Indian, but absolutely international in its flavour, style and vision.

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